Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to set up our school on SchoolAccounting

Yes, it’s very quick and easy. Just scan your order form to us, within a couple of minutes you will receive your unique user name and password, simply contact us and we will help you over the phone or on site if requested to set up your categories tailored to suit your school, this takes only a couple of minutes , enter your opening balance from your Bank Statement and begin entering your transactions.

Do we need to purchase or install any software?

No. SchoolAccounting is an online system, no software needs to be installed. All you need is access to the internet with Internet Explorer 8 or higher or other modern browsers. Ongoing upgrades and developments to the system will happen seamlessly to ensure SchoolAccounting is always the best accounting system for Irish schools – as your needs grow the system will grow with you.

Is SchoolAccounting difficult to use?

SchoolAccounting is designed to be really easy to use. If you are able to use any basic computer program, you will have no difficulty using SchoolAccounting

Is training and ongoing support available?

The friendly and experienced team at SchoolAccounting provide training and ongoing support. We will provide individual training for Principal/Secretary/Treasurer to get started using the system. Training and support is customised to your school and is provided throughout the year.

What benefits will I see from using SchoolAccounting?

The key benefit of using SchoolAccounting is having the most up-to-date reporting on the financial status of your school and each Grant activity at the click of a button. SchoolAccounting improves the overall management of finance in your school and also saving on your valuable time.

How safe is my school’s financial data?

Security and confidentiality of your school's information is of paramount importance within the SchoolAccounting system. School accounts are accessible online with password protection and data encryption.

Your school’s financial data is stored in a highly secure data centre, We use up-to-date encryption via secure certs on security hardened, dedicated servers, which is backed up daily.

Our code is thoroughly tested for security issues, and constantly reviewed.

Your School owns the information. We only hold your information for you. You own it, and can export it at any time.

What are the minimum technical requirements for using SchoolAccounting?

You need to use a modern web browser (Internet Explorer 8 or above; or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari).
Your screen resolution must be at least 1024 x 768, but higher screen resolution will give an improved experience.
You will need a PDF reader/viewer for viewing printed Reports.
You will need software capable of viewing CSV files (eg. Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or LibreOffice Calc) for opening exported Reports.


We have a dedicated team available to help you.

SchoolAccounting support phone number: 061 574088 - or email us at